Family & Children

Chiropractic offers the opportunity to establish a stable foundation for a child’s body during development. Children receiving regular chiropractic see improved sleep, improved immune function, and improved behavior.

A recent study shows that with chiropractic adjustments, the body responds with an increase production of antibodies to fight of invading pathogens.

More and more parents are choosing chiropractic care to help their children develop into strong and healthy adults. As Doctors of Chiropractic, we do not treat conditions or diseases; instead, we allow the body to function optimally by removing nervous system interference.

When the mind and body are able to provide steady, uninterrupted feedback to one another, the body is able to heal itself!

Benefits During Childbirth

Not only can children benefit from Chiropractic during life, they can also benefit from chiropractic during pregnancy. As you may know, birth is a very intense experience for a newborn as well as mom.

Mom’s receiving Chiropractic care during their pregnancy have reported shorter birth time, fewer birth complications, and received less medical intervention during their delivery. This translates into a less traumatic experience for the child.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps maintain a well-aligned pelvis, this means there are fewer muscle and ligament imbalances, leading to increased comfort and reduced stress for mom. In addition to balancing the mother’s pelvis, chiropractic helps mom’s organs function at their best to provide for the growing baby inside.