Corrective Exercise

Our joints and muscles share an intimate relationship. We believe that education is key into sustaining your spinal health, education of your muscles that it. Often times, our bodies lack the stability needed to maintain long-term joint alignment.

At our facility, exercise begins with learning how to breathe. Utilization of the diaphragm to enhance your core stability will ease muscular imbalances throughout the body.

The nervous systems programs the body to control posture, gait patterns, and movement patterns of all kinds.

Our physician’s goal is to reduce muscular imbalances, improve your ability to effectively move your body, and optimize core stability.

Acute injuries, such as sprains and strains, are also great opportunities to restore function to your body. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced a tweak or a twinge here and there, and often times we “let them go” and you feel less pain within a few weeks. However, as time goes by, those little aches and pains seems to come back, and stick around a lot longer than they used to.

Great for you

The reason is simple, your body responds to injuries by altering neuromuscular motor patterns to avoid pain; these patterns become our learned motor patterns, leading to joint instability and dysfunction. These injuries, although often times minor, require proper rehabilitation to ensure full range of motion and the optimal motor patterns are restored.